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Are You Ready?



Room 301




Welcome to the HAPI-YEP website.   The new academic year brings new and exciting changes for HAPI-YEP.   On here you will find what our students have been doing during our after school program.  We will be posting activities, student spotlights, pictures, and program highlights.

It is our hope to show the community what social issues our students are facing and how they are coping with it in healthy ways.  We want our students to be inspired by change and hope.  We want them to create change not only for themselves but also their specific communities.  In doing so, hope is created which they can pass onto their peers, family, and communities. 

In HAPI-YEP, our goal is to have our students become happy, healthy and successful youth and we strive to give them the opportunity to develop themselves as critical people.   We are looking forward to seeing you during HAPI-YEP!


– HAPI-YEP Staff