2014 Graduate: HAPI-YEP Memories

HAPI-YEP is what the name implies, it “ups, your happiness.” And with that statement, I can definitely say my experience in the HAPI-YEP afterschool program has definitely aided me in my success and comfort ability beyond the secondary schooling system.

Besides closely tying with the OCAPICA program and scholarship, HAPI-YEP assisted me by providing tips and techniques to help in the academic realm. I recall several times a journal entry referring to essay writing skills and the reasons to not procrastinate, something I needed to reaffirm my need to change my poor academic habits. Furthermore, I also recall several mental health workshops where professionals in the fields of psychology and mental wellness would come and provide macro-evaluations for the program in a whole to question and solve problems relating to stress and inner distraught. Above that, the program’s staffers were the most motivating, kind-hearted, and understanding people I have ever met in my high school experience. Not only did they listen to my problems and responded, but they would always make sure that I felt comfortable and safe. I would say in the more physical world, they helped me… especially with my hunger! Yes, they provide snacks, and yes they are healthy alternatives to the nutrition-less snacks found in my home’s cupboard or cafeteria. In the larger schemes of things, this helped me to realize that snacks CAN be HEALTHY and taste YUMMY, and eating better to make myself feel better and work more efficiently is not an option, but a very giving lifestyle.

Beyond high school, HAPI-YEP provides me a safe haven for me to return to. I find myself visiting the program every time I find myself back on campus running errands or coaching. As I mentioned, the staffers are very welcoming and accepting, and my company never feels like it’s unwanted. Although my experience was quite short, I would say that the program itself is unlike any other program on campus. I felt motivated, pushed, and comfortable in HAPI-YEP and would have loved to be a part of the program a lot sooner.

The skills and connections I have procured in this program is everlasting and to be able to see it still on campus working strong makes me feel better about the future of Magnolia HS because for so long in my high school career I longed for an experience that would invigorate my mental/emotional standing while still making sure I strived for bigger and better. And many people might think, “How can an afterschool program provide this magnitude of help?” I would say I didn’t realize the fruits that the program bore me while I was there, but surely the positive habits were forming and are continuing to stick with me even in college.

All in all, the program provides helpful advice for academic success, fun physical activities to help you be active (except when it’s 95 degrees or higher outside), and an environment for safe self-expression.

Kelvin, 2014 OCAPICA Scholar


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