2014 Graduate: HAPI-YEP Memories

Hello! I’m a graduate of the  class of 2014 and  I have attended a great after school-program called HAPI-YEP. I have been in the program from the end of my junior year to all of my senior year of high school. I remember going in my junior year HAPI-YEP was held at Mr. Turners old small mini-mule lighten  room and now the program is on a bigger and brighter room. The good old times. 🙂 Although now I have started attending college, HAPI-YEP still resonates whiten me. All those cherish memories that I have made with the HAPI-YEP staff to the good news friends I have made in HAPI-YEP. I especially remember  celebrating the staffs and students birthdays. We will all pass a birthday card around trying to get everyone to sign it without letting the birthday boy/girl know. It was fun being sneaky, but in the end of the day your looking forward to their expression when they receive the birthday card and the joy that comes out  of it. I also remember the workshops. I myself being a sporty person will be looking forward to it. I will never forget those times where the staff will help me on my homework and giving advice on college. As well as my friends.

 I hope that HAPI-YEP can be your second home were you can cherish precious memories like I did.

Jasmin, 2014 OCAPICA Scholar


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