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The HAPI-YEP Word of the Day is REMUNERATION.  The first 2 students to find Veejay and tell him what it means will get an extra stamp! Hint: He’ll be on campus today for HAPI-YEP Lunchtime!


2015 Inland Empire University Tour

On April 16-17, 2015, we took our students on a two-day field trip to visit the Inland Empire’s prestigious universities.  We took them to the University of California, Riverside, Cal Poly Pomona and the University of La Verne.  Instead of the usual campus tour, we toured various resources on campus and had student panels.  It is important for the students to know about their needs and the various support and resources available to them on campus.  In doing so, we hope the students will better utilize all these resources in order for them to succeed in the near future.  A big thank you to UCR, Cal Poly Pomona, University of La Verne, and OCAPICA Scholars and MHS Alumnis for making this field trip possible!  Check out the photos below!

University of California, Riverside

IMG_1149 IMG_1123 IMG_1124 IMG_1125 IMG_1133 IMG_1150 IMG_0563 IMG_0566 IMG_0567 IMG_0574 IMG_0582 Photo Apr 16, 10 06 44 AM Photo Apr 16, 11 44 56 AM Photo Apr 16, 9 20 34 AM Photo Apr 16, 10 02 05 AM Photo Apr 16, 10 04 45 AM

Cal Poly Pomona

IMG_0592 IMG_0599 IMG_0600 IMG_0604 IMG_0605 IMG_1156 IMG_1158 IMG_1159 IMG_1161 IMG_1163 IMG_1170 IMG_1173 IMG_1174 IMG_1176 IMG_1178 IMG_1179 IMG_1180  IMG_0585 IMG_0586 IMG_0589 Photo Apr 16, 5 17 50 PM Photo Apr 16, 5 31 43 PM Photo Apr 16, 5 36 31 PM

University of La VerneIMG_1283 IMG_1285 IMG_0704 IMG_0707 IMG_0708 IMG_0709 IMG_0712 IMG_1206 IMG_1207 IMG_1208 IMG_1210 IMG_1213 IMG_1217 IMG_1218 IMG_1266 IMG_1267 IMG_1268 IMG_1273 IMG_1275 IMG_1277 Photo Apr 17, 10 07 40 AM Photo Apr 17, 1 10 09 PM Photo Apr 17, 1 16 54 PM Photo Apr 17, 1 39 29 PM

Other Fun Activites

IMG_0692 IMG_0693 IMG_0694 IMG_0695 IMG_0696 IMG_0680 IMG_0681 IMG_0683 IMG_0686 IMG_0687 IMG_0688 IMG_0689 IMG_0691 Photo Apr 17, 8 33 59 AM Photo Apr 17, 8 34 01 AM Photo Apr 17, 8 58 47 AM Photo Apr 17, 8 33 46 AM Photo Apr 17, 8 33 49 AM IMG_0665 IMG_0617 IMG_0627 IMG_0628 IMG_0630 IMG_0635 IMG_0636 IMG_0647 IMG_0649 IMG_0651 IMG_0655 IMG_0659 IMG_0660 IMG_0661 IMG_0663 IMG_0664 Photo Apr 16, 9 53 18 PM Photo Apr 16, 5 31 43 PM

Poetry & Painting

We want to say thank you to one of our community partners, VAALA and Trinh Mai for facilitating a 3 day art workshop for our youth.  The students learned to how to create Haikus and also how to create self portraits of themselves.  Art is a very important piece of personal expression.  At HAPI-YEP, we like to introduce different methods of self-expression and hopefully the student will gain an interest in the arts.

IMG_1073 IMG_1076 IMG_0991 IMG_0992 IMG_0997 IMG_1009 IMG_1012 IMG_1017 IMG_1022 IMG_1023 IMG_1027 IMG_1028 IMG_1030 IMG_1032 IMG_1035 IMG_1038 IMG_1042 IMG_1043 IMG_1044 IMG_1046 IMG_1049 IMG_1057 IMG_1058 IMG_1066 IMG_1067 IMG_1068

Coming full circle

Some of our OCAPICA Scholars came back to visit our HAPI-YEP students at MHS.  The Scholars provided insight on Financial Aid and their experiences during their first year of college.  It was wonderful to see the Scholars come back to their Alma Mater and encourage our students to get to college.  Anything is possible!

Yoga and Mindfulness

As academia becomes more competitive each year, students are placed under increasing pressure to excel.  The consistent stress to out-perform others creates a hostile environment for developing, young minds.  These negative influences of stress and pressure endangers the mental health of students.  However, students have come to develop better and better coping mechanisms to deal with the negative influences.

Upon request, a yoga workshop was created and hosted for the students of the HAPI-YEP.  Students were able to learn and perform a number of various yoga techniques and poses in order to maintain their optimal mental wellbeing.  From the mountain pose to the reverse warrior pose to the chair pose, students explored a variety of simple yoga poses while focusing on their breathing.  The yoga workshop provided students with the rare opportunity to stop and take a deep breath.  Because these opportunities are few and far in between, the students anxiously participated and took the care of their mental health into their own hands.  The workshop gave students the chance to take a proactive stance regarding their mental wellbeing.  With this activity as a precedent, students will hopefully continue to maintain their mental wellbeing on their pathways to success.

IMG_0982 IMG_0983 IMG_0984 IMG_0989 IMG_0956 IMG_0959 IMG_0963 IMG_0964 IMG_0965 IMG_0966 IMG_0970 IMG_0971 IMG_0974 IMG_0977 IMG_0979 IMG_0981