Yoga and Mindfulness

As academia becomes more competitive each year, students are placed under increasing pressure to excel.  The consistent stress to out-perform others creates a hostile environment for developing, young minds.  These negative influences of stress and pressure endangers the mental health of students.  However, students have come to develop better and better coping mechanisms to deal with the negative influences.

Upon request, a yoga workshop was created and hosted for the students of the HAPI-YEP.  Students were able to learn and perform a number of various yoga techniques and poses in order to maintain their optimal mental wellbeing.  From the mountain pose to the reverse warrior pose to the chair pose, students explored a variety of simple yoga poses while focusing on their breathing.  The yoga workshop provided students with the rare opportunity to stop and take a deep breath.  Because these opportunities are few and far in between, the students anxiously participated and took the care of their mental health into their own hands.  The workshop gave students the chance to take a proactive stance regarding their mental wellbeing.  With this activity as a precedent, students will hopefully continue to maintain their mental wellbeing on their pathways to success.

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