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Congratulations to the class of 2015!

Congratulations to the class of 2015 and a big shout out to our Magnolia High School Students!

Congrats MHS 2015  IMG_0934IMG_0935 IMG_0940 IMG_0944 IMG_0947 IMG_0952 IMG_0955



The HAPI-YEP Word of the Day is HARANGUE.  The first 2 students to find Veejay and tell him what it means will get an extra stamp! Hint: He’ll be on campus today for HAPI-YEP Lunchtime!

Youth Education Awards Ceremony

Our Youth Education Department held a Youth Education Awards Ceremony to highlight the participants of the youth programs (HAPI-YEP, FAFSA Completion, and Scholars) for their hard work and dedication to education.  We also honored the incoming 2015 Scholars and outgoing 2012 Scholars. Michael Matsuda, superintendent of the Anaheim Union High School District, and Ashley Cheri, Program Director did the welcoming remarks.  Mr. Robin Turner, one of our community partners, highlighted his students who are part of the APAC class and the HAPI-YEP program.  Check out the pictures below to see this amazing event!

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HAPI-YEP End of the Year Celebration!

At the end of a long year, the staff of OCAPICA hosted a potluck for the HAPI-YEP students.  This event allowed the students to celebrate their hard work and dedication over the past year.  Various types of foods were brought for the students: homemade cupcakes, pizza, pasta salad, chicken, etc.  The students watched an in-class film while enjoying the company of friends and mentors as the HAPI-YEP came to a close for the semester.  HAPI-YEP will be back for our summer program!

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API Heritage Month- “Taualuga” (Documentary)

Beyond the popularized imagery of the Hawaiian islands lie a much more diverse world.  There are as many indigenous cultures in the region as there are islands in the Pacific Ocean.  With each indigenous culture comes its own set of practices and rituals, such as dances.  The students of HAPI-YEP were given the opportunity to learn about different types of Polynesian dance and how those dances represented different facets of each island’s culture.  The documentary featured a number of different Polynesian dance styles, their importance, and their meaning.  This included choreography and attire as well.  The importance of what was worn, how was it was worn, from what materials it was made, etc. were all prevalent details in the expression of culture for the indigenous peoples.  Please check out the amazing documentary below: