Monthly Archives: December 2015

Winter Celebration

Happy Holidays!  Check out the gingerbread houses our students made as part of their winter celebration at HAPI-YEP!

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Healthy Relationships

In collaboration with the Center for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF), we launched our very first healthy relationships cohort called the Youth Empowerment Leadership Program (YELP).  YELP is a series of 6 workshops that focuses on gender, identity, and relationships.  Our goals are to provide a safe space for dialogue and resources, empower youth to self-advocate for themselves, and show them how to have and maintain healthy relationships.

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Mentor’s Week

HAPI-YEP is a service learning site for California State University, Fullerton Asian American Studies Program.  Students taking the civic engagement course (ASAM 230) have the opportunity to mentor and provide after-school support for our HAPI-YEP students.  As part of their  learning goals, the mentors were tasked with running the after-school program for one week.  Their themes for the week were health and stress management.  Activities included a stress management workshop, making a sock puppets, glitter bottles, and origami as ways to destress.  Please check out the photos below to see our very first ever mentor’s week!

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