Monthly Archives: June 2016


As part of API Heritage Month celebration, our students learned about the history of Manzanar.  It is important that we teach our students about the past to understand the current state of the API communities and their futures.  To honor those who have come before them, our students created origami cranes with messages of hope.  These cranes were brought to Manzanar by one of our interns who participates during the pilgrimage annually.

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American Sign Language Workshop

Thank you to our former intern for facilitating an American Sign Language (ASL) workshop for our students!

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HAPI-YEP University Tour 2016

HAPI-YEP Field Trip 2016

HAPI-YEP took 50 APAC students to visit various universities in the beautiful city of San Diego.  The students visited the following schools: University of San Diego, University of California- San Diego, San Diego State University and California State University San Marcos.  Our students participated in various activities such as the campus tours, student development and life workshops, and learning about the different majors and resources available to them at each campus.

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