Monthly Archives: October 2016


Our second YELP workshop focused on privilege regarding masculinity, racism, sexism, and colorism. This workshop looked to open a discussion with our students on the importance of privilege they possess to improve the world around them. This workshop deconstructed stereotypes and made these students aware of the world around them and how privilege benefits some and hurts others.

Students completed a unicorn activity where students identified differences between gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity and worked together to understand the differences between those terms.

The workshop concluded with a powerpoint of slides where students were asked to pick which photo was more feminine or masculine based on how they perceived the image. After they made their pick, the group came together and discussed their choice.



Working Together

HAPI-YEP and the Allied Health Academy is working together and providing valuable information on the steps to fulfilling their academic goals. In this week’s activity, students were introduced to a career in Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and how people often use EMT as a step into becoming a doctor.

Following the presentation, students participated in an activity that models the skills needed to be an EMT, including a high-stress environment, and collaborating to protect the patient. Groups were required to hold the paper with the whole in the middle across from each other and make sure that the paper clip doesn’t fall through to help model patient care and EMTs role in providing comfort for the patient to avoid something very severe.


Welcome Back!

OCAPICA’s HAPI-YEP program is back for the start of the new academic year! The staff is back at Magnolia High School, providing the students with essential resources in healthy living, academic success and college advisement as many of our students are preparing to graduate. We are available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school until 6 PM for you to speak with mentors on site.

For students applying to college — be aware of deadlines for FAFSA and college applications!

Don’t forget to relax — this is a stressful time, give yourself a break and breathe; you are exactly where you’re supposed to be! 14614453_10153804516307026_1325183699_o