Blankets, Clothing, Food, etc. Assistance

Blankets, Clothing, Food, etc. Assistance


Number Website
Serving People in Need, Inc.  (SPIN) 714-751-1101
Southwest Community Center (SMEDA) 714-547-4073 or 714-543-8933
Catholic Charities 714-668-1130
Community Resource Center 562-697-1199
(La Habra Residents)

Episcopal Service Alliance Service Centers

Anaheim/ Santa Ana

Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Orange County 714-288-5600
Veterans First of Orange County 714-547-0615
La Habra Community Resources Care Center 562-697-1199
UC Irvine Medical Center, Infectious Diseases Clinic 714-456-7002
Santa Maria House, INC. /Helping Hands (Long Beach) 562-983-0978
Community Action Partnerships 714-897-6670 or 714-667-0717
Catholic Worker 714-835-6304
Community Resource Center 562-697-1199
St. Vincent de Paul Committee 714-539-9133

Provides food once a month to families living in Parish boundaries. Multiple Locations.


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