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Celebrating Lunar New Year at HAPI-YEP

This week at HAPI-YEP, we celebrated Lunar New Year which is this Saturday, January 28th.

In honor of the New Year which will be the year of the Rooster, students wrote their wishes for the new year and added them to our Wishing Tree, stuffed and handed out red envelopes to their fellow classmates, ate oranges for good luck, played a Lunar New Year trivia game and enjoyed traditional new year games.

Exercising was incorporated into the traditional new year games the students played, which included Bo cua ca cop (a Vietnamese New Year game). In order for the students to participate in each round of the game, they had to do push-ups or squats. We played the game for over an hour!

From all of us at HAPI-YEP we wish you a Hapiy and Prosperous New Year!

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Poetry & Painting

We want to say thank you to one of our community partners, VAALA and Trinh Mai for facilitating a 3 day art workshop for our youth.  The students learned to how to create Haikus and also how to create self portraits of themselves.  Art is a very important piece of personal expression.  At HAPI-YEP, we like to introduce different methods of self-expression and hopefully the student will gain an interest in the arts.

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Holiday Celebration

HAPI-YEP kicked off winter break with a potluck!  We also gave our students HAPI-YEP jackets for being part of the program!  Check out the wonderful celebration we had for our youth!

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