Student Journal Excerpts

HAPIY Student Journal Excerpts


Describe a time when you were able to resolve a conflict in a non-violent way. What did you do to be successful?

I’m friends with a lot of people, but all of my friends have defects. Two of my friends have a lot of pride which led them to a fight about who was better. It got to the point where they started punching each other. None of my friends did anything about it so I threw a bucket of water over them. It wasn’t the least violent solution, but they didn’t want to stop fighting after talking to them. It was the only thing I could think of but the good thing is that it worked!


“Conflict can and should be handled constructively. When it is, relationships benefit. Conflict avoidance is not the hallmark of a good relationship. On the contrary, it is a symptom of serious problems and of poor communication.” What does this quote mean to you?

This quote means that people should have good communication to maintain good relationships. Conflict can be used to construct relationships or bridge a gap. Conflict, if not resolved in a good way, can tear people apart. If conflict is avoided and not resolved, the result is an unhealthy relationship. Conflict needs to happen to maintain communication.


Describe the perfect friend. Do they have empathy, sensitivity, or friendly skills?

The perfect friend is someone who cares about and cares for me. They will help me whenever I need help as I will do the same. The perfect friend would have an array of skills and excel at it. They would carry my burdens with me but know their limits. They would advise me but also assist me. The perfect friend could be interesting and humorous. They could keep a conversation going but stop if necessary.


Describe 2 short term goals and 2 long term goals you have set for yourself

Some short-term goals I have for 2015 is to end the semester with straight A’s and to apply to at least ten scholarships before the semester ends. A long-term goal I have is to become a wiser person. This will result in advising people with their problems correctly and giving them good advice. Another goal I have is to become a reliable pediatrician or doctor that people can trust. I can just imagine all the children’s smiles as they leave my office and the cuteness overload I will have of all the little kids! I can’t wait for the future but I love my present self.


Looking back in the past year, what are 3 things you would like to change to get better in the upcoming year?

I would like to change my study habits. I tend to get distracted easily. I want to communicate with my family more because I am getting farther away from mentally. I also want to do more exercise, think positively, and relax more. I want to live a memorable and positive life.


Describe a time when you stood up for something you believed in. What did you defend and from who did you defend it?

When I was in 7th grade, I saw a kid being bullied by somebody else. The bully smacked the kids glasses off of his face. I helped the kid by stopping the bully. Growing up I learned that you need to treat people as you like to be treated. That is why I felt obliged to help the kid out.

I stood up for a gay guy. These guys were picking on him because of who he was. I don’t think its right to get picked on for who you are. The world has too much negativity. All we need is love to bring us together.

I stood up to defend my friend who was being bullied by another student during lunch. At first everyone was making jokes and one became very offensive to my friend. He became hurt then ignored it for a moment. Over time the jokes became sad and depressed, I eventually figured it out and defended him. I defended him from the other kids.


Describe a time when you helped a person in need. What did they need help with? Why did you choose to help them?

“A time when I helped someone was feeding homeless people every month. We woke up at 6:00AM and cooked so that they were able to have breakfast. We do it whenever we can. I choose to do this with my youth group because I always remember how blessed I am and how much I have. I also choose to help because after we do it, I get this great warm feeling inside. Lastly, to see their happy faces as we hand them a plate brings a smile to my face.”

“I was back in the Philippines with my dad. He’s a doctor that goes to different places to help people. I went with him so I could experience what it’s like to travel and help the community at the same time. He asked me to go to the playground but declined. He told me that I can help by going there specifically. I arrived at the playground and found a lot of children of all sorts. I helped them because I think that being happy was better than being nervous. The kids were nervous for their first medical checkup.”

“My mother is always in need of help. She often tells my siblings and I that any help such as washing dishes or sweeping the home is welcomed. I tend to provide her help with jobs that needs to be done such as refilling the water heater. I choose to help my mother because she fostered my growth and cared for me to this day.”


“Treat others how you want to be treated.” What does this mean to you?

    “This means that what we should give what we want in return. People nowadays give so much disrespect to others and they get hurt when people disrespect them. Today, we can apply this by respecting others so they don’t get hurt and we won’t either.”
    “This quote is like the Golden Rule, “Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.” This means that if you want to be treated nicely. Then you treat other people that way.”
    “This quote applies to me and my social interactions in daily life. I would like to be treated the way I treat others: with respect and sympathy. My friends understand that I may at times need my space and time to work independently. I treat them in this same respect whenever they are working on homework. It is important to be liked to others in order to gain respect.”
    “To me, this quote means that fairness is the friendliest thing in which no one can win or lose. When you treat others the way you like to be treated, you may feel good about yourself and make more friends. I apply this quote in my life by not involving myself in a bulling situation, or instead I help the victim instead.”


Parents used to be your age at one point. Do you ever seek guidance from them? Describe a time when they helped you make a relatable decision.

“There was this one time when I needed help with my homework. So I went up to my dad and asked if he could help me with my math. I also asked if he could help me with my science project. My dad and I bonded very well during that experience. I like getting help from my dad now.”

“I don’t really think that I would go to my parents much for guidance. I have done some things that my parents may have gone through. Sometimes in frustrates me when my parents say, “I was your age. I know what you’ve gone through.” I would be willing to get through most problems myself. At times I would go to my parents for comfort because I love my parents, so getting support from them at most times brings me support.”

“I get my parents’ guidance in almost everything that I do because they are wise. They worked hard to look over my siblings and I. I very much appreciate them and all that they’ve done. Their words and advice is exceptionally important to me. They have helped me through life and my education.”


In the spirit of Halloween, if you can transform into anybody in the world, who would it be and why?

“If I was to be anyone in the world, I would be my parents because they’re my inspiration and purpose in life. They are everything I want to be. My parents are loving, respectful, caring, and humble. My parents are greater than anything in this world. I would even give up my life for them like literally. I will always love and look up to them ❤ <3.”


“Describe 1 reasonable rule in the school and 1 rule you do not agree with. Why do you feel these rules are in place?

“One rule that I have no problem with is wearing hats at school. I agree with this because if you wear a hat and maybe (I’m just saying) a kidnapper comes on campus, wearing a hat, we wouldn’t be able to identify the kidnapper (unless he’s like…holding an innocent Magnolia student in one hand). The rule that I do not agree with is the referral handouts. I mean, you do one bad thing and…BOOM!!! Freaking referral…I mean give detentions but not a bad mark on our high school record! But I know that these rules are put here for a good reason. To keep us safe and be responsible through our high school days.”

“One reasonable rule here at Magnolia High School is the dress code. Everyone has their own sense of style. Then some people just don’t care, because it is just school. But some students’ items of clothing are not appropriate. That’s when a rule, AKA the dress code, should be enforced. A rule I do not agree with here at school is our “tardy sweep.” I feel if the tardy sweep just wastes more of our class and education time. During the tardy sweep, if the bell (7:50) rings, we then have to stop, walk to the counseling office, stand in a long line, then wait for our turn to say our ID #. It takes a while just to get out of line and say our ID #, then if it is over our 3 tardy we get detention, which we have to stand in another line for! After that, we sit down and wait until a teacher can take us to our classroom. By the time we arrive in class, at least 15-25 minutes have gone by. We should be using that time to learn and update our learning skills. I strongly disagree with our “tardy sweep” policy and feel as if it should be removed.”


“Name an adult that helped you become the strong individual you are today.”

“The adult that always help me through it all is…well…kind of everyone. There may be that one specific person in other people’s lives, but for me there are many people. For example, my mom tells me and gives me advice. My dad protects and gives me advice. My siblings make me laugh. My cousins give me funny serious helpful advice. My uncles tell me that if I ever date, they will crush my boyfriend. Aunties give me advice about dating. HAPI-YEP tutors help me out and keep me happy.”

“My cousin, Brain, helped me. He showed me even though you are poor and its difficult to live, you can still follow the dream that you want and the career that you want to have. My cousin got to be a photographer and became very famous on taking pictures. He’s even been in the newspaper like at least 5-10 times. He inspired me to always follow my dream and to always work to get there.”


“Describe three qualities that you feel every adult should have as a role model.”

” Adults should have certain qualities in order to be a role model. Not all elders are exactly “role model” material. I feel as if being responsible, respectful, and trusting are the three qualities that embrace maturity. A role model is someone that is looked up to by others. Including younger individuals. In order to maintain that role (being looked upon) you need to show these characteristics. All three of them are a sign of maturity, which is much needed especially in an adult.”


“Friends can be valuable teachers. Explain a time where you were proud of a friend for making a good decision.”

“My friend made a great decision by listening to me and staying in class. Because she was going to ditch class to hang out with her friends but I told her not to. She was being really great and decided to listen. All of her friends ended up getting in trouble and she didn’t. She called me a great friend and said I should become a super model and teacher.”

“I totally agree that friends can be valuable teachers. Last year, I didn’t know anyone however people I met in the beginning were really nice. But, in my class, one of the students was being racist to me. I didn’t know how to answer him. The fellow student next to me stoop up and answered the kid back. Now we are really good friends, and I hope that people become more like him.”

“I was once proud of a friend for being persistent in her work. An English language was nearing on that day and she was discouraged from working and completing it because it was simply too much work and she procrastinated. However, I encouraged her to write it and place that work ahead of everything else, in this way, she completed the essay and got a high mark.”


“Explain the expectations your family and teachers have for you?  Are they manageable or realistic?  How so?”

“In general, my family expects me to be successful.  I am expected to move into adulthood equipped with the tools necessary to further my education.  In this way, I may graduate from a four year university and move onto my graduate studies in the medical and sciences field.  I plan to specialize in research for the innovation of medicine.  I hope to contribute ti the betterment of the world through my research.”

“My family expects me to go to school everyday.  They also expect me to maintain good grades and not get in trouble.  These are realistic expectations because I’ve been doing them just fine so far.  My teachers expect me to not be late to class, pay attention, do my class work and homework, not talk and not complain.  These standards I believe are possible to achieve because unless you’re a baby there wouldn’t be any excuse to not meet those requirements.”

“My family have very high expectations of me.  Especially since my sister didn’t graduate from high school.  They expect me to get straight A’s, not to do anything bad and to always pick right from wrong.  I feel like my teachers expect me to always be at school on time and to constantly finish my work when it’s assigned.  These goals are manageable and realistic because it’s not really an out of this world type goal, its a set of expectations that will actually benefit you in the future.”


“How widespread is cheating in schools today?  What makes kids resist from cheating?”

“Cheating in school is pretty widespread in schools.  If given the opportunity, students fail to resist the temptation to cheat.  Students who cheat fail to see the consequences that will befall them when they get caught.  The students who do not succumb to the temptations of cheating foresee consequences that may follow.  Students needs to realize the the consequences are worse then getting a few more points on an assignment.”

“Cheating is very widespread in school today because a lot of kids still cheat now.  If it was a major test like an AP test and you didn’t study mostly like people will cheat on that test.  What makes kids resist from cheating is society because they know and were taught what is wrong.  The consequences of cheating is not taking the test ever again and you parents will be disappointed.”

It’s really common in the school.  Even in the honor classes a lot of people cheat.  I think a students cheats because of the pressure of getting a good grade.  I think teachers should make us more comfortable during the test.  To be specific they should tell us to try our best.”


“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask yourself if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future”.  Self Esteem shapes the way you act in the future  What can you change to make it better?

“I would be a pioneer of the future because for me I sometimes don’t to remember the past.  I would like to think of the future because I would like to see what I become.  Also to see who I will be with.  I don’t want to become a prisoner of the past because all that it does is bring more pain.”

“I totally agree that our self esteem determines how we act in the future.  Changing your own lifestyle affects your self esteem.  I didn’t feel confident talking to people because I want comfortable with the clothes I wore and the way I presented myself.  The way you dress can boost your self esteem because you feel comfortable presenting yourself.  Believing and embracing yourself can play a major role in your future.”

“To make better by changing old habits, I can ignore my friends without good goals.  I can help people who ask for help.  I can become more positive and alert.  I can also ask for help.”


“What do you need in life to be a truly happy person?”

“What do I need to be a truly happy person?  Myself!  Why me?  Because I really feel happy or sad when I feel like myself.  Me is my future.  What I can do or cannot do.  For example, working on HW, writing essays and being part of children’s choir.  So me makes myself a truly happy person.”

“To be a truly happy person, you need to have a positive attitude towards everything that comes at you.  Having a positive attitude will make you have nothing to bring you down.  Nothing negative to bring you down and you will become successful and you will truly have a happy life.”

“To be a truly happy person in life, you need to do what excites you; not what other people suggest or want you to do.  It’s better to learn from your mistakes.  Another element you need to be truly happy is to believe in yourself.”


“Do you have a vision for the person you want to become?”

 “My vision is that I am going to be a famous Math teacher who lost about 100 pounds and is so cool and smart!  I am also going to have three great kids with a beautiful and respectful husband.  I would also be a beautiful technician who will fix Magnolia High School’s computers.  That will be my vision.”

“Not really sure because I can’t tell my future.  I do, however, intend to study medicine and pharmaceutical sciences in order to give back to my community.  In this way, I can be productive member of society.  That is my vision for the person I wish to become.  I will devote my life to the charity of others.”

I would like to be a successful person in the future and achieve all goals I set for myself.  I would like to raise my own family with my own career.”

“My vision is to become a Dance Choreographer and Caribbean Singer.  Usually when I am listening to music, I have visions of becoming a performer.”


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